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Succulent Candles (Set of 3) with Pots

Succulent Candles (Set of 3) with Pots

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These succulent candles are perfect for those that can’t keep a plant alive. Just kidding. Sort of. 😉 Each candle measures between 1.5 and 2 inches tall. They each come with adorable terra-cotta pots that measure 1.5 inches in height. So that nearly totals 3-4.5 inches of pure CUTENESS!

*We ship these wrapped individually. Simply place succulent in pot and as wax softens, the candle with nest further in its little orange home. Each candles lasts between 4-5 hours if you should choose to do so.. I personally just keep mine around the house as little cute decorations. 

We do our best to mix and match them in a cute fashion, however, if you do have a special request, please find us on IG @riddleboutique or text us @803-339-6339


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